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Established in 2002. Limpio Group had grown to provide a comprehensive and complete offsite storage service in the heart of the Gatwick Diamond, but they had not touched their website in years and it was in need of a refresh.

Our brief was to find a balance between the serious business of archiving secure documents with a lighthearted, interactive style that remained professional. The old website was very text heavy, but provided vital information. It was important to include this, but to make it more user-friendly.

We were also required to assist with copywriting, carry out SEO and create regular posts and articles for social media each month to build traffic levels to the site and highlight the events the exhibited at throughout the year.

We were in desperate need of a new website and wanted a more lighthearted look whilst maintaining a respect for the seriousness of secure document storage. Our website definitely has achieved this, we are now on page 1 of google for key search terms and we can refer to it confidently when talking to new and existing clients at exhibitions.
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